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Nova with one of the more dominant NCAA runs in history

Assuming this holds up, they’ll have won every game by double digits, with the closest (again, assuming this holds up) a 12 point Elite Eight win over Texas Tech and a Sweet Sixteen win over WVa by the same margin. Two blowouts in the Final Four. I’ve been very much on the “everyone sucks” bandwagon […]

Top 10 CBB Coaches Heading Into 2017-2018

As I went to rank who I think the top 10 college basketball coaches are heading into this year, what you can’t judge with a stat is what a guy does with talent. I think even in basketball that’s a little bit easier to assess when you’ve only got five guys on the court at […]

My Top 10 Teams As Of Tonight

1. UCLA – Best win anybody’s had by far when they took out UK in Lexington, and have done nothing since to invalidate that. Questionable defensively but that offense just might be good enough to make it irrelevant. 2. Villanova – Something about them has me thinking no repeat but there’s still a lot to […]

Nova Outlasts Purdue At Mackey 79-76

Certainly far from a *bad* loss for the Boilers but disappointing to have a shot against a top 5 team and defending national champ at home and come away on the losing end. To me, it’s same as it ever was for Purdue. Interior guys were great…Isaac Haas is generally seen as a borderline draft […]

Villanova Is The Exception To The Usual Rule

that you need multiple first round draft picks or NBA players on your roster to win a title. I’m not sure they have a single first rounder on that team. In fact, I’m pretty sure they don’t. Brunson would be the guy with a chance I suppose but I don’t like his measurables…short and not […]

Interesting Concepts Discussed During The Virginia vs Villanova Game

From the announcers (Bilas in particular) regarding their discussion with Bennett and Wright. The coaches, due to early tourney losses and failed end of season peaking, have moved to much more competitive preseason scheduling to gain better insight into their team performance with time to adjust. In addition the gains from seating calculations. Both coaches […]