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Tag / Tom Crean

Crean Out 

Now we enter one of the truly fascinating periods in the college game…an IU coaching search. There are Alford rumors but it could go a ton of ways. Marshall? The guy from Butler? Archie? This is an elite job. And also interesting to see what happens with Crean. Mizzou is off the table. Looks like […]

Indiana makes history 

Indiana makes history Wow. I have not a bit of hate in my heart for Tom Crean but that is an indictment. Yes, there were injuries and yes they were significant but this team had plenty of talent, more than enough to make the Tournament in a year such as this. When you’ve got wins […]

Crean’s Seat Is Piping Hot 

That seat is piping hot. Injuries they’ve had would explain why they’re not contending for Big Ten championship. They don’t explain 5-10, given what he’s still had to work with. I personally think it’s a bit over 50% likely he’s done. Just seems as if the air in the program is all used up. Too […]