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Tag / Texas Longhorns

Texas Is A Mess Right Now 

Shaka decided to take over the offense with no help from one of his 3 assistants. He has a GA and one of his special assistants running the offense with him.  Texas fans really don’t pay attention to basketball, but they are starting to realize that this guy has some major flaws as a coach.  […]

Texas Hires Shaka

We’ll see how it goes for him there. I think he’s going to come in playing “havoc” and get his ass kicked. Then we’ll see what he does…can he change, can he learn, can he adjust? Big XII is a tough conference…I’d say a close third behind the Big Ten and ACC on a year […]

College Coaching Vacancies Update

Looks like Mullin is a done deal at St.John’s. Good for him if he cares enough about that program to take this on but I have my doubts about the fit for a guy who’s been away from the college game for 30 years. Looks like Tennessee is going to do the first smart thing […]

Lost In The Shuffle (And Rightly So), Coaching News

St. John’s has apparently extended an offer to Chris Mullin. He has not accepted yet but rumor is he will do so. He has never been a coach at any level. He worked in the front office of both Golden State and Sacramento. These moves don’t tend to work out well, not that there’s a […]