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Big Ten Spring Thoughts

Some quick thoughts… – I think the league’s depth will be better than last season. It almost has to be but honestly, it really should work out that way. To me, the two worst teams on paper are Rutgers and Illinois and they’re not without talent. – The top will be down some from last […]

Spring Big Ten Preview #2 – Michigan State

LAST SEASON – It was pretty close to a fairy tale, right up until the end. MSU had a marquee national name in Denzel Valentine. It was playing a brand of basketball no one could quarrel with, as the Spartans were both beautiful and efficient on offense and good enough defensively most of the time […]

Spring Big Ten Preview #1 – Wisconsin

Obviously, this makes MSU #2, and I’ll deal with them in an expanded post next. For now, my pick for Big Ten champ resides in Madison. LAST SEASON – To say it was a wild ride is underselling the reality. The year began wth Bo Ryan indicating this would be his final season…then he suggested he might not retire after all when it appeared […]

Spring Big Ten Preview #3 – Indiana

LAST SEASON – With IU, the question was never about firepower. They had one of the better offensive groups in the nation. What wasn’t known is whether the Hoosiers could defend well enough to truly contend in the league and make a run in March. Early results were not favorable, as IU looked bad in Maui and got their doors blown off against […]

Spring Big Ten Preview #4 – Purdue

LAST SEASON – It seemed to be set up as the year when the Boilers could get back into the national discussion. Matt Painter had size galore, good experience overall and a strong start to the season. They did some things well…finished 12-6 in the league and runners up to MSU in the BTT. Yet, the first round […]

Spring Big Ten Preview #5 – Michigan

LAST SEASON – Michigan once again had to play most of the season without their best talent, Caris Levert. Yet, unlike the year prior, the Wolverines had better overall health and when some younger players stepped up, they were able to carve out a 23-13/10-8 season and earn an NCAA berth. Given the circumstances, that was a reasonable result […]

Spring Big Ten Preview #6 – Maryland

LAST SEASON – The Terps came into the season with some believing them to be the most talented team in the nation, and that wasn’t a crazy thought. Maryland seemed to have everything…size, athletic ability, shooters, depth, and a point guard to run the whole thing. However, things never quite clicked the way they’d hoped. […]

Spring Big Ten Preview #7 – Ohio State

LAST SEASON – OSU rolled out an extremely young team and though its freshman class was highly regarded, this wasn’t a group in the realm of other strong classes Thad Matta has had, where talent would be enough to override inexperience. The Buckeyes often looked like exactly what they were…a young team struggling to find […]

Spring Big Ten Preview #8 – Iowa

LAST SEASON – In early February, Iowa was most people’s pick as the most impressive team in the Big Ten. They’d handled MSU easily twice and pretty much everyone else as well, using a senior laden lineup along the way. Then a 2-5 close landed them at 12-6 in the league, continuing a streak of […]

Spring Big Ten Preview #9 – Northwestern

LAST SEASON – Continued steady progress has been made by this program since Chris Collins took over. He started out by improving the defense and rebounding…not that the Cats became sensational in either area, but they were improved, better than they’d been in years, and the increased toughness and compete levels started to produce some […]

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