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Tag / SEC Basketball

Mike White winning at Florida like Billy Donovan 

Florida’s AD Jeremy Foley recently retired. He retired after being at Florida for 40 years, the last 25 of which he’s been the AD. I think it’s going to be hard to find an AD with a successful hiring spree and overall success of him. Real quick run down on the hires he’s made or […]

Mizzou asks Kim Anderson to step down

Seemed more or less inevitable. They have been off the charts bad for his 3 year run and that’s a school with a good level of tradition in the sport.  Hard to think of a program that went from very relevant to the abyss quicker than them, maybe UNLV comes to mind post Tark. Of […]

Florida Hires Mike White From LaTech

Been a hot name for awhile. Tennessee tried and failed to hire him last year. Son of Duke’s AD. Has won better than 70% of his games at LaTech but hasn’t made any NCAA Tournaments yet due to failure to win a conference tournament.

Now That Billy D. Is Gone, Where Does Florida Turn?

and what kind of job is it, really? It’s easy to look at Donovan’s record there and believe that it is now firmly a top 10 sort of gig but if you look around some of the coverage out there over the last few days you’ll find a strong case to me made for that perhaps […]

Tyndall Fired After Just One Year At Tennessee

“Highly likely” to be found responsible for numerous violations while at Southern Mississippi. Tennessee can’t get out of their own way. They’ve gone from a known cheater who lost his job due to violations (Bruce Pearl) to a guy who played it straight (to my knowledge, at least) and did a good job but they […]

Mississippi State Hires Ben Howland

He took the last two years off and he needed to, given how things ended for him at UCLA. Make no mistake, though, the man can coach. He got the job done at Northern Arizona…then built Pitt into an Eastern power (Jamie Dixon has really just continued along the template Howland initiated there) and had […]