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Nova Outlasts Purdue At Mackey 79-76

Certainly far from a *bad* loss for the Boilers but disappointing to have a shot against a top 5 team and defending national champ at home and come away on the losing end. To me, it’s same as it ever was for Purdue. Interior guys were great…Isaac Haas is generally seen as a borderline draft […]

Spring Big Ten Preview #4 – Purdue

LAST SEASON – It seemed to be set up as the year when the Boilers could get back into the national discussion. Matt Painter had size galore, good experience overall and a strong start to the season. They did some things well…finished 12-6 in the league and runners up to MSU in the BTT. Yet, the first round […]

Purdue Thoughts

– First off, what a tough, gritty effort by MSU. No surprise but 3rd game in 3 days, to play with that kind of heart…says something about these guys. Never doubted we’d see it, but it’s still worth pointing out. – Down the stretch, Purdue made horrible offensive decisions. Biggie with just a terrible, terrible […]

Early Purdue Thoughts

– In these games, as often as not it can be decided simply by endurance…who’s got enough energy to get out and run, make shots, get to loose balls, etc. MSU and Purdue are working wtih the same amount of rest, so that’s not a factor. I do think Zel and Bryn have played heavy […]

BTT Saturday Semifinal Preview (Non MSU Division)

Michigan vs. Purdue – It’s funny…the way I look at it, Michigan locked up a bid with their win today over IU but there’s enough out there from credible sources suggesting that might not be the case to at least allow for the possibility that it might not be 100% done. This is going to […]

BTT Preview Friday Games (Non MSU)

Michigan vs. Indiana – IU won a blowout victory in their one meeting this year at Crisler, when they erased an early Michigan lead with a landslide run which the Wolvies could never chip away at. Michigan still likely needs a win in this game to wrap up an NCAA bid…I’d give them a small […]

Purdue/Maryland Thoughts

– First things first, great result for MSU and its Big Ten position. Not just that it keeps a share of the title in play but we also have Maryland, a team MSU owns the tie break over, getting its 5th loss. – Purdue…man, oh man, does Painter have a problem with this team and pressure. They’re fortunate that […]

Purdue Thoughts

– Ferocious comeback. Results be damned, the way MSU played in terms of effort, execution at both ends, etc. in the second half was tremendous. That was a classic Big Ten game. – I think if I had to point to an area where I thought MSU lost it in the end, it was the […]

Some Early Purdue Thoughts

– For what I believe (correct me if I’m wrong, basketball historians) is the first time in history, MSU is on a 3 game win streak at Mackey Arena. The program had never won more than 2 consecutive road games at Purdue prior to the current run. They’ve also won 4 of the last 5 in […]

My Top 5 Teams

As with anybody else doing these things, it’s an imprecise “feel” test to one degree or another. I think it always has to be some combination of resume and “eye test,” and I’m no different in that regard. Based on what I’ve seen and what teams have done, this what I’d go with… 1. Michigan […]

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