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Should the NCAA/Big Ten expand to Canada?

Carleton University has won 13 of the last 16 Canadian collegiate championships. They haven’t lost a game since 2015-16. It’s a dynasty that, in its own world, makes Wooden-era UCLA look like Pikers. Well, you might say, big deal…it’s Canada. The level of college basketball up there certainly would leave something to be desired. Overall, […]

M in trouble around shoe resale by players?…warn-others-wake-ncaa-violations-shoe-resales UNC just suspended 13 football players for doing this. Article does not clarify which sport is potentially impacted. Seeing some talk around the Internet that it may involve “double digit” number of M athletes between both football and basketball. No names yet, obviously, Interestingly, Marquette has already released a statement saying that no “current […]

Isaac Parades – Tigers SS prospect at Erie

Just got promoted to AA Erie. In his first 4 games, he’s hitting a cool .455 with 3 RBI. His numbers at high A Lakeland take a little bit of drilling down to appreciate. He hit “only” .259 but had 12 homers and 48 RBI in 84 games and had an OPS of .793. Now, […]

To no one’s surprise, KU has (tacitly) acknowledged it too has received a subpoena from the Feds…deral-basketball-investigation-142515144.html Two players appear to be the focus. One I talked about the other day in connection to Maryland…Silvio DeSousa. The other is Billy Preston, who never played last season for KU after he got in an accident and the NCAA began to investigate how he came to have the automobile involved (shades of the […]

Bron to the Lakers on a 4 year deal

Would be very interesting to see the Lakers add Cousins along with Leonard, as has been rumored. Lakers would likely be cutting against the current grain, trying to win with a frontcourt dominated team as opposed to perimeter players. I’m reasonably convinced that at some point, the pendulum will swing back to big men (the […]

Hell of a year for Spartan athletics

Everybody knows what the football team did in flipping the script to go 9-3. Men’s basketball is having a tremendous start to their season. However, there’s been a lot of other good things going on in the AD. – Men’s soccer suffered a heartbreaking loss to perennial power Indiana in an NCAA quarterfinal game this […]

One to watch…Tony Bennett and UVa

I’m not saying anything’s going to happen…he probably continues to coach there and in a perfect world, it’s a great situation for him. However, seeing the news that Craig Littlepage, who’s been the AD there for 16 years, is retiring, makes me wonder…and then add in whatever yet to be determined impact on the campus […]

Coach K 

College basketball had big news during a time when you don’t expect big news – the middle of August. Marvin Bagley committed to Duke as the consensus number one player in the country out of Los Angeles. He not only committed to Duke but he reclassified from the 2018 class to the 2017 class and […]

Archie Miller to IU

This is a good get for a second rate program like IU.  This will FINALLY put the death knell to all those “OSU in waiting” stories out of Ohio. I have no doubt he coveted that job, but I was of the opinion that if IU is interested, you can’t wait on whatever might be […]

Mizzou asks Kim Anderson to step down

Seemed more or less inevitable. They have been off the charts bad for his 3 year run and that’s a school with a good level of tradition in the sport.  Hard to think of a program that went from very relevant to the abyss quicker than them, maybe UNLV comes to mind post Tark. Of […]

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