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Nova with one of the more dominant NCAA runs in history

Assuming this holds up, they’ll have won every game by double digits, with the closest (again, assuming this holds up) a 12 point Elite Eight win over Texas Tech and a Sweet Sixteen win over WVa by the same margin. Two blowouts in the Final Four. I’ve been very much on the “everyone sucks” bandwagon […]

Everybody sucks

Watching games tonight around the country and I’m left with the distinct impression that nobody is really any good. That’s an exaggeration of course, but there are more “top line” teams with major flaws than in any recent season, IMO. Duke’s not getting to a Final Four. I’ve said it multiple times this year and […]

Villanova Is The Exception To The Usual Rule

that you need multiple first round draft picks or NBA players on your roster to win a title. I’m not sure they have a single first rounder on that team. In fact, I’m pretty sure they don’t. Brunson would be the guy with a chance I suppose but I don’t like his measurables…short and not […]

Middle Tennessee State Thoughts

– First thoughts are that I feel terrible for the seniors, just terrible. With time, they’ll realize they were a part of many, many special things and moments but they had one goal in mind from last April and that’s not going to be achievable. It won’t make me forget the seasons and careers all […]

Some Quick, Random Thoughts On All Things Tournament

– I’m about to blow up my bracket and destroy any chance at success, because God help me, I look at this thing and I have Iowa in the Elite Eight. I know, I know…they are taking on water like the Titanic, Fran transmits stress to his team like nobody’s business, etc. However, given the […]

Big Ten NCAA Picture

Right now (always subject to change) I’d group it this way: ROCK SOLID – Iowa, Maryland, Michigan State These three have all likely done enough already, in a realistic sense, to get a bid. For these three, the focus is more along the lines of seeding than simply getting in at this point. Iowa is […]

Where Does The Big Ten Sit Nationally?

Lots of different ways to look at it. One of my favorites…what’s the overall record versus Power 5 + 3 (Big East, American and Atlantic 10) schools? As of now, it’s 29-35. The ACC as a point of comparison is 36-27. Big East is 33-19. Big 12 is 19-14. Pac 12 is 17-13. In fairness, the SEC is 18-35, so […]

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