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Some NBA Finals takes

1. I have never seen a better group of shooters that screen so willingly and so well. Klay and Steph, and to a lesser degree KD, set so many screens as part of their base offensive package. One of the best ways to get easy looks is for your best shooters to screen. Their defender […]

One Big, BIG Difference Between GS And OKC

The demeanor of the two teams and how they function together. Once again last night, when Golden State made their run you could see OKC’s body language go south and the bickering start. You don’t see that stuff in nearly the same way with Golden State and I think it absolutely makes a difference. They can hold each […]

OKC With A Big Opening Statement

That was a big, big win for them. Golden State had it rolling in the 3rd, up double digits, seemingly ready to put them away…no dice. Did it without Durant at his best as well. Should be a hell of a series.

Didn’t Think OKC Could Do This

Now, they’ve got to close it out and against San Antonio, that won’t be easy. Still, you have to like their chances, going home, up 3-2 and seemingly full of confidence after pulling this one off. OKC is deserving of their series lead for sure, but I still don’t think they can push Golden State the way […]

Pistons Learning Some Lessons Tonight

Biggest difference tonight for me was, simply put, the defense. Cleveland moved the ball really well but Detroit just wasn’t as good as they needed to be in terms of staying out of scramble situations and when the Cavs are shooting the way they did tonight, it’s over. I think the Pistons have shown the […]

Pistons Good News/Bad News

Good news is they played really well. Shot fantastically for much of the game, played with tremendous toughness and guts, and never backed down or looked intimidated, a big deal for a team with 4 of 5 starters playing their first playoff game. Bad news is it still wasn’t enough. Even on a day where […]