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Aubrey Dawkins transferring to Central Florida

Not a surprise…going to play for his dad Johnny, who took that job after he was fired by Stanford. Weird player. At the end of last season, I think a lot of people thought he was going to be their next star on the wing but he seemed to go backward, especially on defense where […]

BTT Saturday Semifinal Preview (Non MSU Division)

Michigan vs. Purdue – It’s funny…the way I look at it, Michigan locked up a bid with their win today over IU but there’s enough out there from credible sources suggesting that might not be the case to at least allow for the possibility that it might not be 100% done. This is going to […]

BTT Preview Friday Games (Non MSU)

Michigan vs. Indiana – IU won a blowout victory in their one meeting this year at Crisler, when they erased an early Michigan lead with a landslide run which the Wolvies could never chip away at. Michigan still likely needs a win in this game to wrap up an NCAA bid…I’d give them a small […]

BTT Preview Thursday Games

Northwestern vs. Michigan – This is a big one for both teams. Northwestern is pushing for an NIT berth (not the automatic it once would have been for a Big Ten team with 20 wins) and Michigan absolutely has to have a win to keep its NCAA hopes alive. Michigan won the only regular season […]

Michigan/Maryland Thoughts

Turned into a hell of a game, against all odds. The fact that it did says more about Maryland at the moment than Michigan, IMO. First, Maryland…they have been a good defensive team all year, but not today. Simply could not deal with Michigan’s pick and roll game in the second half, and that tends to […]

Michigan’s NCAA Case

Took a hit tonight, no question. Fatal? No, but damaging, IMO. They’ve got 4 games left. The only one they’ll be favored in is at home against Northwestern. At Maryland and At Wisconsin look like very likely losses at the moment, and home against Iowa certainly can’t be one where you’re overly optimistic if you’re […]

Thoughts On A Blowout

– Tremendous focus by MSU at both ends. Just great, great stuff to see a team locked in the way they were. Pretty much all the things I talked about defensively were handled extremely well. MSU’s defense on all of M’s pick and roll stuff was high level, they never lost touch with M’s shooters and dribble containment overall […]

In Honor Of The Rivalry Game…5 Least Favorite Michigan Players

I’m going back to the mid/late 70s, so anyone with nominations before that, have at it. 5. Maurice Taylor – The living, breathing symbol of all that was horribly wrong in that program during that era. Entitlement. Wasted potential. Unearned arrogance. Mo Taylor had it all going in spades. His numbers in three years at Michigan were solid […]

Michigan Thoughts

Some of the things I think may matter in determining a winner tomorrow… – The power forward position. This is the single biggest area of “tilt” in one direction or another in this game, IMO. One edge MSU has is that at least theoretically, it has a better chance of finding answers to what Michigan does well at […]

Michigan Matchups…The Post

Michigan is a 4 out, 1 in team, so junior forward Zak Irvin is nominally a post player, though you’ll almost never see him operating on the blocks. It’s been a weird year for Irvin. He got off to a horrendous start shooting the ball and looked limited physically due to offseason back surgery. In conference games, his […]

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