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Had my first chance to see M this year

M made a big run over the first half to push the lead out to double digits over Providence. M defense is of course legit. They’re giving up little penetration and doing a great job of contesting shots at the same time. One thing I’d note…there are a couple of weak(er) links on that roster […]

Valenti breaks the Michigan psyche (This your life now)

Link: In M’s case, according to the expectations they’ve set for their own program, the ND game broke their season and sorta did exactly that. I guess technically it didn’t end the season, because if they win EVERY game from here they would make the playoffs…but that’s the problem. I feel as if some are […]

Where do you turn when your saviour fails, Michigan?

I remember posting that question here when they hired him, because at that point MSU and Ohio State were both rolling. It seemed reasonable to me that Harbaugh could even do a good job and not win the division very often. In the interim, Penn State has rejoined that conversation as well, so the job […]

Michigan loses again in Spain

This time to Jovenut, a team playing in the highest rung of the Spanish professional league, 85-79. Good experience for them. I expect M to be the consensus pick for #2 in the conference behind Michigan State. Tough to draw many conclusions from what they did over there. They faced some good competition without Beilein. Didn’t […]

News and Notes from 08.23.18

01. Michigan continues to struggle in its Euro tour…loses to Serb team Mega Bemax 81-73. For reference, that same Mega Bemax team was beaten by Kentucky about 2 weeks ago by 36. Interestingly, Brandon Johns apparently played sparingly and David DeJulius not at all. This is all semi-interesting fodder for discussion right now but I […]

M in trouble around shoe resale by players?…warn-others-wake-ncaa-violations-shoe-resales UNC just suspended 13 football players for doing this. Article does not clarify which sport is potentially impacted. Seeing some talk around the Internet that it may involve “double digit” number of M athletes between both football and basketball. No names yet, obviously, Interestingly, Marquette has already released a statement saying that no “current […]

Spring Big Ten Preview #5 – Michigan

LAST SEASON – Michigan once again had to play most of the season without their best talent, Caris Levert. Yet, unlike the year prior, the Wolverines had better overall health and when some younger players stepped up, they were able to carve out a 23-13/10-8 season and earn an NCAA berth. Given the circumstances, that was a reasonable result […]

Michigan State vs. Michigan Recruiting

Had a conversation today which sparked this thought…omitting the first couple of classes Izzo recruited, when Michigan was still spreading $ around and Fisher was still there, how many players who had Michigan State offers ended up at Michigan? I’m pretty certain Brian Ellerbe was an 0-fer. Lavell Blanchard and Gavin Groninger (believe it or not) had […]

Word Starting To Circulate That Michigan’s Two New Assistants Will Be…

Saddi Washington from Oakland (and Lansing Sexton) and Billy Donlon, who was inexplicably fired from Wright State as the head coach this spring after a 22-13/13-5 second place finish in the Horizon. On paper, two pretty good hires. Saddi has been a key part of Oakland’s recruiting efforts in recent years, where they’ve leapfrogged the MAC schools […]

Interesting Thought About The Vacant Michigan Assistant Spot

Branden Hunter, a young guy based in Detroit who wouldn’t be my top source on much but who seems to be a hard worker and definitely talks to people down there, tweeted that he has heard Michigan is hiring NOT Cornell Mann but rather Jermaine Jackson Sr. If so…WOW. That would be a shocker. Kind […]

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