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Quick FGCU Thoughts

– Obviously, just cannot have the kind of FT performance we saw tonight. Great FT shooters like Harris struggling. – Freshmen were stepping up BIG late in the game. Cash made several big plays, Josh with a huge rebound and two FT when needed most, and Miles contributing mightily as well. Loved that call coming […]

Kentucky Thoughts

– If you’d told Tom Izzo before the game that MSU would outrebound UK and get 17 points from Kenny and Nick versus 10 for all five of UK’s post players combined, I suspect he’d have figured MSU had a very good chance to win. Didn’t happen, obviously. – The defensive gameplan was sound and, […]

Arizona Thoughts

Figured it was more or less a tossup and that’s the way it played out. Great play by Allen to win the game for them (Josh Langford slipped soon after the inbound…just a mild slip but it was enough to put him behind the entire way up the floor and it cost MSU. It happens). […]

Quick Arizona Thoughts

– It does appear that 6’10” beanpole center Chance Comanche will play in this game. That’s a boost for Arizona’s frontcourt in that he’s the only guy among that group of 4 players for the two post positions who is seen as any kind of rim protector. Sean Miller is a defense-first coach, much like […]

Spring Big Ten Preview #2 – Michigan State

LAST SEASON – It was pretty close to a fairy tale, right up until the end. MSU had a marquee national name in Denzel Valentine. It was playing a brand of basketball no one could quarrel with, as the Spartans were both beautiful and efficient on offense and good enough defensively most of the time […]

Michigan State vs. Michigan Recruiting

Had a conversation today which sparked this thought…omitting the first couple of classes Izzo recruited, when Michigan was still spreading $ around and Fisher was still there, how many players who had Michigan State offers ended up at Michigan? I’m pretty certain Brian Ellerbe was an 0-fer. Lavell Blanchard and Gavin Groninger (believe it or not) had […]

Ben Carter Thoughts

Obviously, a serious addition for MSU. I don’t think he’s a future All Big Ten guy or even necessarily a starter (though I wouldn’t *completely* rule that out) but he adds a few elements this team really needed heading into next season, not least of which is simply more frontcourt depth. The loss of Deyonta […]

Re: Shoe Companies…How Times Have Changed

Just started reading “Boys Among Men” by Jonathan Abrams on a recommendation from an acquaintance in Detroit. Great so far…the book starts with Moses Malone and works its way through all aspects of the prep-to-pro period in the 90s and 00s, starting with Kevin Garnett. Anyway, I’m up through Tracy McGrady and what’s so striking is how EVEN the shoe companies […]

Davis Thoughts

Rough from an MSU perspective, obviously. We’ll see what they do. Would assume they’ll bring in a 5th year guy and I’d suggest that it’s possible that list expands from here in terms of who is available. No DDs out there though regardless. My assumption is that the feedback they got makes it clear his […]

Michigan State Season Review…Departing Players

Now that we’ve had a few days to let the reality of the most shocking loss in MSU basketball history sink in (and I don’t think that’s hyperbolic), time is as good as any to review what happened in what was, IMO, overall one of the most entertaining and enjoyable seasons in Tom Izzo’s tenure. […]

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