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Maryland has FBI troubles – two subpoenas served relating to CBB case

The first relates to Diamond Stone, who apparently received a $14,000 payment from Andy Miller’s office. Miller, to reset for those who may not remember, is the agent who employed Christian Dawkins as a runner. The second is more interesting and newsy, as the Stone stuff had been anticipated. Apparently UA made a $20,000 payment […]

Spring Big Ten Preview #6 – Maryland

LAST SEASON – The Terps came into the season with some believing them to be the most talented team in the nation, and that wasn’t a crazy thought. Maryland seemed to have everything…size, athletic ability, shooters, depth, and a point guard to run the whole thing. However, things never quite clicked the way they’d hoped. […]

Maryland Thoughts

– MSU needed to get tested…I mentioned that before the OSU game in kind of hoping that we’d get Maryland. Asked and received. – That was unbelievable defense in the second half by Maryland. Yeah, we were sloppy at times and made our own troubles on occasion but man, give credit where it’s due. Here’s […]

Early Maryland Thoughts

– Despite the insane shooting performance Maryland had tonight, the standard is the same against them IMO…you want to make them shoot jumpers. If they’re getting a lot of stuff going to the rim and/or via the post, that’s where you can run into trouble. I will take my chances with a Maryland team living […]

BTT Preview Friday Games (Non MSU)

Michigan vs. Indiana – IU won a blowout victory in their one meeting this year at Crisler, when they erased an early Michigan lead with a landslide run which the Wolvies could never chip away at. Michigan still likely needs a win in this game to wrap up an NCAA bid…I’d give them a small […]

Purdue/Maryland Thoughts

– First things first, great result for MSU and its Big Ten position. Not just that it keeps a share of the title in play but we also have Maryland, a team MSU owns the tie break over, getting its 5th loss. – Purdue…man, oh man, does Painter have a problem with this team and pressure. They’re fortunate that […]

Michigan/Maryland Thoughts

Turned into a hell of a game, against all odds. The fact that it did says more about Maryland at the moment than Michigan, IMO. First, Maryland…they have been a good defensive team all year, but not today. Simply could not deal with Michigan’s pick and roll game in the second half, and that tends to […]

Game Thoughts

– Matt Costello. We’ve seen a lot of great effort games here over the years. This might not be the best but I don’t know that it’s been topped by anyone when you add it all up…coming off an ankle injury, facing a very good and very big Maryland frontcourt, us on a 3 game […]

My Top 5 Teams

As with anybody else doing these things, it’s an imprecise “feel” test to one degree or another. I think it always has to be some combination of resume and “eye test,” and I’m no different in that regard. Based on what I’ve seen and what teams have done, this what I’d go with… 1. Michigan […]

Looking At The AP Top 10…Lots And Lots Of Questions

I have no big beef with the rankings…they seem pretty reasonable to me at this stage. What becomes obvious in looking at these teams is how wide open this season should be, though. UNC – They seem to have pretty much everything you want…experienced point guard, size, athleticism, depth. Yet, since the 2009 title team, Ol’Roy seems […]

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