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Coaching carousel, per ESPN

It’s a Plus article so I won’t paste or link here, but some interesting discussion on a few jobs… – Arizona and LSU are interesting situations to watch, because both head coaches are expected to be subpoenaed to testify in April. If they do, what will come of that and what impact will it have […]

To no one’s surprise, KU has (tacitly) acknowledged it too has received a subpoena from the Feds…deral-basketball-investigation-142515144.html Two players appear to be the focus. One I talked about the other day in connection to Maryland…Silvio DeSousa. The other is Billy Preston, who never played last season for KU after he got in an accident and the NCAA began to investigate how he came to have the automobile involved (shades of the […]

Top 10 CBB Coaches Heading Into 2017-2018

As I went to rank who I think the top 10 college basketball coaches are heading into this year, what you can’t judge with a stat is what a guy does with talent. I think even in basketball that’s a little bit easier to assess when you’ve only got five guys on the court at […]

My Top 10 Teams As Of Tonight

1. UCLA – Best win anybody’s had by far when they took out UK in Lexington, and have done nothing since to invalidate that. Questionable defensively but that offense just might be good enough to make it irrelevant. 2. Villanova – Something about them has me thinking no repeat but there’s still a lot to […]

My Top 5 Teams

As with anybody else doing these things, it’s an imprecise “feel” test to one degree or another. I think it always has to be some combination of resume and “eye test,” and I’m no different in that regard. Based on what I’ve seen and what teams have done, this what I’d go with… 1. Michigan […]

Michigan State 79 Kansas 73

MSU roared back from a double digit second half defecit to beat Kansas by 6 in the nightcap of the Champions’ Classic. The Spartans climb to 2-0 with the victory over the #4 ranked Jayhawks and in the process sent a very clear message that this team is at an advanced stage for November, compared […]


MSU plays in the 5th Champion’s Classic on Tuesday night, this time facing Kansas. These two programs have a strong history with each other. The Jayhawks won a close game last year when the two met in a holiday tournament in the most recent meeting. MSU holds a 6-5 historical advantage over KU and is […]

Looking At The AP Top 10…Lots And Lots Of Questions

I have no big beef with the rankings…they seem pretty reasonable to me at this stage. What becomes obvious in looking at these teams is how wide open this season should be, though. UNC – They seem to have pretty much everything you want…experienced point guard, size, athleticism, depth. Yet, since the 2009 title team, Ol’Roy seems […]