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What Do You Want Your Program To Be?

I would like the program to be aspirational. I would like the program to be founded in and representative of ideals similar to and consistent with the ideals of the University. I would like to see growth and maturity of players and teams achieved by discipline and meaningful effort (developing into the best vs buying […]

Pinstripe Bowl Helmet (Crean)

Pinstripe Bowl Helmet (Crean) I have never seen a major figure at a major program receive the level of open criticism and frank mockery to which CTC is subjected by the media. I am not happy (understated) with the status of the program. I am convinced that change is necessary (was necessary a year ago […]

The Culture Of A Winning Program

MSU’s Valentine Next In Line Of Spartan Leaders Unfortunately, IU has little of that at any level. Ambiguity of control at the top with McRobbie and Glass stepping in with comments about the team’s behavior and the theoretical standards by which it is managed which appear to be capriciously applied. Lack of cultural connectivity to former players (why […]

IU Just Not Getting Any Better Defensively

Beat a truly awful St. John’s team by 10 in Maui today. Was a six point game with less than 2 minutes to go. Same deal as yesterday…they can’t check anyone and are particularly bad denying penetration and at the rim. Bryant has to change and fast. He is the only realistic hope IU has for improvement because […]

Reality Based Prior Records

The first three CTC years, along with the last 20 years are a very real historical record and accurately reflect on the incompetency of the IU athletic administration above CTC. Since 2010-2011, 11th, 5th, 1st, 8th and 7th are definitely not first rate with those results and that is also a very real historical record […]

Tom Crean And Indiana Basketball

Saw this morning that IU received a commitment from a 2017 guard out of Georgia, which has proved (in a general) sense to be the rule and not the exception for Crean’s IU program, in that the player in question is not a Hoosier state native. The impression has been that Crean has gone about as […]

Fall Big Ten Previews #2 Indiana

Spring Preview WHAT’S CHANGED? IU added Harrison Niego, a preferred walk on guard from Illinois who had some mid major and Ivy League offers. They also added Michigan grad transfer Max Bielfeldt, a nice late addition. Bielfeldt isn’t a star but he’s proven to be a guy capable of giving you a tough […]

A Timeline Of Mismanagement

Events leading to September 2000: Doninger feuds with Knight; program is unstable and dysfunctional. With Doninger sitting there as AD, Brand stomps in, fires Knight with no plan to maintain the program, and sets out to de-emphasize (i.e., mis-manage) the basketball program. They hire the no-experience guy who ultimately, not surprisingly, takes the program down […]

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