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BTT Preview Friday Games (Non MSU)

Michigan vs. Indiana – IU won a blowout victory in their one meeting this year at Crisler, when they erased an early Michigan lead with a landslide run which the Wolvies could never chip away at. Michigan still likely needs a win in this game to wrap up an NCAA bid…I’d give them a small […]

Indiana Thoughts

– Posted at halftime, I thought MSU needed to pound the ball down low against IU to extend it’s lead, seeing that as an area where the Hoosiers just simply can’t guard MSU. Asked for and answered, in major league fashion. MSU came right out of the locker room obviously looking to shove it down […]

Halftime Thoughts

– If you believe in the oft-repeated Bryn Forbes Theory, MSU is going to win this one, right? – I understand the desire to take open looks from deep, but man…IU really struggles to guard in the paint. MSU hasn’t even scratched the surface of what they can do in the paint. Want to see much, much more […]

Early IU Thoughts

I think MSU wins and probably easily. Doesn’t mean MSU is definitively a better team than IU in an objective sense (though I do believe that to be true and would not even remotely hesitate picking them to win even on a neutral floor), but the combination of matchups, strengths and weaknesses and circumstance leads […]

Michigan’s Defense Was Horrific But IU’s Is Gaining Legitimacy

They were really, really awful in November and December…no different than last season. In Big Ten play though, IU’s numbers on the defensive end since Blackmon went out and Anunoby and Morgan started playing larger roles has been markedly better…but they haven’t played anyone. Whatever M’s deficiencies are, they are a team with a lot of shooters and proven […]

A Timeline Of Silliness

A while back, I compiled a list of some of the head-scratching administrative mis-management of IU’s program. That’s really the important part to me. But there surely have been a ridiculous number of silly, absurd, gut-punch, ‘wait, what?’ moments at a player/coach level since RMK left town. This is just a sampling and my facts […]

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