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Tag / Golden State Warriors

Some NBA Finals takes

1. I have never seen a better group of shooters that screen so willingly and so well. Klay and Steph, and to a lesser degree KD, set so many screens as part of their base offensive package. One of the best ways to get easy looks is for your best shooters to screen. Their defender […]

One Big, BIG Difference Between GS And OKC

The demeanor of the two teams and how they function together. Once again last night, when Golden State made their run you could see OKC’s body language go south and the bickering start. You don’t see that stuff in nearly the same way with Golden State and I think it absolutely makes a difference. They can hold each […]

Such A Great Deal For Draymond

A triple double in a title clincher. He got off a tough start in the Finals but man, did he respond when Golden State needed him over these last three games. He got so close at MSU to a championship…a national title game, another Final Four appearance and then a third year where his team […]