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Fall Preview Michigan State Kyle Ahrens

Ahrens has been a bit under the radar in comparison to his classmates Davis and McQuaid. This is for understandable reasons, most notably the fact that he missed so much time between his junior and senior year due to a leg injury, and then he had a long road back to 100% health and basketball […]

Fall Preview Michigan State Matt McQuaid

McQuaid is a 6’5″ guard out of Texas whom MSU sort of rolled in on a bit late and then showed some impressive flex in getting him after not having major early involvement. McQuaid (and presumably his parents) showed tremendous instincts right out of the chute by opting to decommit from Larry Brown’s SMU program, […]

Fall Preview Michigan State Deyonta Davis

Davis enters MSU as the program’s first McDonald’s All American since Gary Harris in 2012. He had an elite career at Muskegon High, winning a state title in his junior season as he set a single season state record for blocks in a season. He also was the easy winner of the Mr. Basketball award […]

Fall Preview Michigan State Alvin Ellis

Last year was something of a crossroad for Alvin’s MSU career. It started with him getting hurt in the season opener, which wasn’t great luck (for him or for MSU).The problem is that Alvin appeared to let his conditioning get away from him while he was injured, and thus when he was “healthy” he still […]

Fall Preview Michigan State Javon Bess

Bess was the guy talked about as last year’s most likely freshman to make an immediate impact, so much so that the smart money had him as a favorite to earn a starting spot. Then he had a foot injury which plagued him throughout the season, severely limiting what he could do on the court […]

Fall Preview Michigan State Marvin Clark

It was a roller coaster first year for Marv. He had a strong start, then went through a period marked by inconsistency in all respects (production, minutes, etc.), only to rally with a strong late season performance which left plenty of reason for optimism for his sophomore season. From what I was told by those […]

Fall Preview Michigan State Tum Tum Nairn

The die seemed to be cast from the moment he committed to MSU…Tum was going to be a lightning rod, a dividing line among many MSU fans. There would be those who saw his strengths (defense, speed and not least of all leadership) as things his coach values more than most and this would ensure […]

Fall Preview Michigan State Matt Costello

As he enters his final season, it seems we may have reached the point where we accept that Matt “is what he is,” as the cliche goes. I think hopes may have been for something different. I know mine were. He was Mr. Basketball (beating out Denzel for that honor, remember) and more than just […]

Fall Preview Michigan State Gavin Schilling

Gav took some steps forward last season, even though it may have seemed to be of the “one and a half steps forward, one back” variety at times. He started 33 games for the Spartans, providing a physical and athletic presence inside. Despite a perception (which in fairness was sometimes actually reflecting reality) that he […]

Fall Preview – Michigan State Eron Harris

It’s funny…I’ve been seeing a lot of national season previews lately and rarely am I seeing Eron Harris being mentioned as among the best/biggest impact transfers around the country. I don’t know what those folks are thinking, because as I see it, there’s pretty much no one who is bringing in a guy who was […]

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