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Coach K 

College basketball had big news during a time when you don’t expect big news – the middle of August. Marvin Bagley committed to Duke as the consensus number one player in the country out of Los Angeles. He not only committed to Duke but he reclassified from the 2018 class to the 2017 class and […]

Top 10 CBB Coaches Heading Into 2017-2018

As I went to rank who I think the top 10 college basketball coaches are heading into this year, what you can’t judge with a stat is what a guy does with talent. I think even in basketball that’s a little bit easier to assess when you’ve only got five guys on the court at […]

My Top 10 Teams As Of Tonight

1. UCLA – Best win anybody’s had by far when they took out UK in Lexington, and have done nothing since to invalidate that. Questionable defensively but that offense just might be good enough to make it irrelevant. 2. Villanova – Something about them has me thinking no repeat but there’s still a lot to […]

Duke Thoughts

Some really good things and some really (and naggingly consistent) bad ones on display tonight in a 9 point loss. Some quick thoughts… – The game was lost in that 2 minute and change sequence where it went from tied to Duke up 11. That was it…I think it never got closer than 6 and […]

Looking At The AP Top 10…Lots And Lots Of Questions

I have no big beef with the rankings…they seem pretty reasonable to me at this stage. What becomes obvious in looking at these teams is how wide open this season should be, though. UNC – They seem to have pretty much everything you want…experienced point guard, size, athleticism, depth. Yet, since the 2009 title team, Ol’Roy seems […]