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News and Notes from 08.23.18

01. Michigan continues to struggle in its Euro tour…loses to Serb team Mega Bemax 81-73. For reference, that same Mega Bemax team was beaten by Kentucky about 2 weeks ago by 36. Interestingly, Brandon Johns apparently played sparingly and David DeJulius not at all. This is all semi-interesting fodder for discussion right now but I […]

Should the NCAA/Big Ten expand to Canada?

Carleton University has won 13 of the last 16 Canadian collegiate championships. They haven’t lost a game since 2015-16. It’s a dynasty that, in its own world, makes Wooden-era UCLA look like Pikers. Well, you might say, big deal…it’s Canada. The level of college basketball up there certainly would leave something to be desired. Overall, […]

Mike Davis with an interesting staff at UD

Tracy Dildy, former head coach at Chicago State and I believe worked for Davis as an assistant at UAB (also assistant at places like DePaul, Auburn and Ole Miss). Chicago guy. Rod Strickland – Longtime NBA player. Was in an administrative role under Cal at Memphis and worked at USF as an assistant for 3 […]

Can Chris Holtmann make OSU Elite Again?

There’s never a good excuse for OSU not being very good, and yet during my lifetime they’ve been maddeningly inconsistent. Matta gave them the best sustained run since Fred Taylor in the early 60s but then the bottom fell out over his last two years. Guys like Randy Ayers and Jim O’Brien and Eldon MIller […]

To no one’s surprise, KU has (tacitly) acknowledged it too has received a subpoena from the Feds…deral-basketball-investigation-142515144.html Two players appear to be the focus. One I talked about the other day in connection to Maryland…Silvio DeSousa. The other is Billy Preston, who never played last season for KU after he got in an accident and the NCAA began to investigate how he came to have the automobile involved (shades of the […]

Maryland has FBI troubles – two subpoenas served relating to CBB case

The first relates to Diamond Stone, who apparently received a $14,000 payment from Andy Miller’s office. Miller, to reset for those who may not remember, is the agent who employed Christian Dawkins as a runner. The second is more interesting and newsy, as the Stone stuff had been anticipated. Apparently UA made a $20,000 payment […]

UD finally hires Mike Davis, per Goodman

For as f-ed up a search as a school could possibly have, that’s a good outcome. Would have been a good outcome if they’d gotten him in April. Been to the Tournament 3 times in 6 years at Texas Southern…notable in a one bid league. He’s not going to have a cakewalk recruiting instate but […]

Big Ten Spring Thoughts

Some quick thoughts… – I think the league’s depth will be better than last season. It almost has to be but honestly, it really should work out that way. To me, the two worst teams on paper are Rutgers and Illinois and they’re not without talent. – The top will be down some from last […]

Nova with one of the more dominant NCAA runs in history

Assuming this holds up, they’ll have won every game by double digits, with the closest (again, assuming this holds up) a 12 point Elite Eight win over Texas Tech and a Sweet Sixteen win over WVa by the same margin. Two blowouts in the Final Four. I’ve been very much on the “everyone sucks” bandwagon […]

Thoughts on Mack and Capel

Mack first…seems as if this is the job he was holding out for all along and when it came open and he was contacted, he leaped at it. Remains to be seen how hard Louisville gets hit by the NCAA around the FBI stuff (if at all…and “if at all” absolutely remains on the table), […]

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