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It’s been totally lost in the shadow of the DOJ/FBI case but interesting show cause ruling out of CA Essentially, a state court in California ruled that the NCAA’s “show cause” penalty for a USC assistant football coach is an “unlawful restraint” on his pursuing a lawful profession and thus struck the penalty down. I won’t be surprised to see the NCAA pursue this further, because at the moment it removes one of […]

MSU #1 in Big Ten media poll, Cash 1st Team All Big Ten

This is conducted now by The Athletic and the Columbus Dispatch (used to just be the latter, IIRC). 28 media members from around the conference coverage area participated. Order of Finish 1. Michigan State 2. Michigan 3. Indiana 4. Nebraska 5. Purdue 6. Wisconsin 7. Maryland 8. Ohio State 9. Minnesota 10. Iowa 11. Penn […]

Valenti breaks the Michigan psyche (This your life now)

Link: In M’s case, according to the expectations they’ve set for their own program, the ND game broke their season and sorta did exactly that. I guess technically it didn’t end the season, because if they win EVERY game from here they would make the playoffs…but that’s the problem. I feel as if some are […]

Where do you turn when your saviour fails, Michigan?

I remember posting that question here when they hired him, because at that point MSU and Ohio State were both rolling. It seemed reasonable to me that Harbaugh could even do a good job and not win the division very often. In the interim, Penn State has rejoined that conversation as well, so the job […]


1. Receivers – As good as advertised. How many tough catches did they make tonight. Tremendous concentration, hands and *strength* 2. Lewerke in the clutch – Certainly not his best game but I have the same feeling with him in tight situations I had with Cook…just feel like he’s going to make the plays you […]

Friday Mcmurphy “Hammer”: OSU Here’s the deal…for me, this isn’t really about Urban Meyer or Tom Izzo or Mark Dantonio or any other athletic figure in isolation. It’s about what we do as a society, because this goes WAAAAAYYYYYY beyond college athletics. Yeah, it’s up to the reader to decide what that individual thinks but that honestly couldn’t […]

M in trouble around shoe resale by players?…warn-others-wake-ncaa-violations-shoe-resales UNC just suspended 13 football players for doing this. Article does not clarify which sport is potentially impacted. Seeing some talk around the Internet that it may involve “double digit” number of M athletes between both football and basketball. No names yet, obviously, Interestingly, Marquette has already released a statement saying that no “current […]

Hell of a year for Spartan athletics

Everybody knows what the football team did in flipping the script to go 9-3. Men’s basketball is having a tremendous start to their season. However, there’s been a lot of other good things going on in the AD. – Men’s soccer suffered a heartbreaking loss to perennial power Indiana in an NCAA quarterfinal game this […]

Delaney Hits A HR With Media Rights Deal

Approximately half going to Fox…for 2.5 times per year what the prior deal with ESPN was worth. The other half will still be out for bid. Looks like talk about the Big Ten going the NFL route, with multiple network partners, is coming to pass. According to SBD, this will include around 25 football games […]

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