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Tag / CBB Recruiting

Michigan State vs. Michigan Recruiting

Had a conversation today which sparked this thought…omitting the first couple of classes Izzo recruited, when Michigan was still spreading $ around and Fisher was still there, how many players who had Michigan State offers ended up at Michigan? I’m pretty certain Brian Ellerbe was an 0-fer. Lavell Blanchard and Gavin Groninger (believe it or not) had […]

The More Things Change…Wiscy Lands 2017 PF Recruit Over Minnesota

Nathan Reuvers, a 6’9″ 220lbs PF who is a native Minnesotan. Bo Ryan got a lot of good work done in Minnesota over his tenure, beating out the Gophers for instate kids and it appears Greg Gard isn’t done on that front. Sounds like a typical Wisconsin big man recruit…good shooter, good ball skills, needs some strength which he’ll […]

Ben Carter Thoughts

Obviously, a serious addition for MSU. I don’t think he’s a future All Big Ten guy or even necessarily a starter (though I wouldn’t *completely* rule that out) but he adds a few elements this team really needed heading into next season, not least of which is simply more frontcourt depth. The loss of Deyonta […]

Re: Shoe Companies…How Times Have Changed

Just started reading “Boys Among Men” by Jonathan Abrams on a recommendation from an acquaintance in Detroit. Great so far…the book starts with Moses Malone and works its way through all aspects of the prep-to-pro period in the 90s and 00s, starting with Kevin Garnett. Anyway, I’m up through Tracy McGrady and what’s so striking is how EVEN the shoe companies […]

Miles Bridges Thoughts

Huge, huge commitment for Tom Izzo and his program…let’s get that out of the way right out of the chute. If you believe the rankings, I believe he’s the highest ranked guy to commit to MSU since Shannon Brown, a bit ahead of guys like Gary Harris and BJ Dawson. If you put faith in […]

Cassius Winston Thoughts

Some thoughts I have on Cassius Winston. – Cash is the purest point guard we’ve recruited in a long, long time. In fact, I’d say in terms of pure instinct for the position and everything that goes with it, you have to go back to Cleaves to find someone in the same ballpark. That doesn’t […]

Josh Langford

Obviously a HUGE get (and for those who continue to show evidence of “battered Spartan syndrome,” the words from his parents suggest they’re fully on board with Michigan State as a destination ;)). He’s tailor made for the current era of the game, with the way it’s now called. He’s a tall wing with a […]

Not A Surprise But Bielfeldt Officially Gone From Michigan

Roy Schmidt, who has his finger on the pulse of what goes on in Illinois (where Bielfeldt is from) seems to think he’s very likely to end up at Bradley. Kid made himself into a decently effective player for them last year. Certainly not an unanticipated development though…in fact, some thought that Beilein pushed for […]

On The Topic Of Cheating

I’ll make the same book recommendation I’ve made many times over the years if you want to have a great understanding of the scene as it existed in the 1980s, which was the heyday of the “wild west” stuff in Detroit and really in the Big Ten as well. Since the mid/late 90s, the Big […]