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Tim Miles gets a much needed break re: Isaac Copeland

NCAA ruled that he’ll be eligible for the beginning of the season rather than having to wait until the semester break. With the Big Ten schedule the way it is, that would have meant missing two league games as well as the non conference portion of the schedule. Copeland was a top 50ish recruit out […]

Robert Johnson returning to school for IU

That one helps. As opposed to Blackmon, where I think a return might have actually stunted Miller’s ability to implement his culture, Johnson is the kind of guy I think he can reach and who can play the two way game Miller is likely to want to emphasize. IU is still a team without a […]

Blackmon Jr. remaining in the Draft

Not a surprise to me. He often looked like a guy who’s mind was elsewhere last year…and remember that IU’s season took off two years ago when he got hurt. Blackmon is a very gifted scorer, mostly a shooter really. That’s about where it ends. He’s never shown a willingness to work defensively and even […]

Archie Miller to IU

This is a good get for a second rate program like IU.  This will FINALLY put the death knell to all those “OSU in waiting” stories out of Ohio. I have no doubt he coveted that job, but I was of the opinion that if IU is interested, you can’t wait on whatever might be […]

Illinois hires Brad Underwood 

Shocking, mostly because OSU has Pickens deep pockets. Figured if it’s a money deal that they’d fight to keep him. He’s good. Remains to be seen how he recruits but he’s a really good offensive coach. Did a tremendous job at Stephen F Austin and got Okie State back to relevance in a hurry. Would […]

Crean Out 

Now we enter one of the truly fascinating periods in the college game…an IU coaching search. There are Alford rumors but it could go a ton of ways. Marshall? The guy from Butler? Archie? This is an elite job. And also interesting to see what happens with Crean. Mizzou is off the table. Looks like […]

Indiana makes history 

Indiana makes history Wow. I have not a bit of hate in my heart for Tom Crean but that is an indictment. Yes, there were injuries and yes they were significant but this team had plenty of talent, more than enough to make the Tournament in a year such as this. When you’ve got wins […]

Crean’s Seat Is Piping Hot 

That seat is piping hot. Injuries they’ve had would explain why they’re not contending for Big Ten championship. They don’t explain 5-10, given what he’s still had to work with. I personally think it’s a bit over 50% likely he’s done. Just seems as if the air in the program is all used up. Too […]

Hell of a win for Northwestern last night 

Hell of a win for Northwestern last night. To do that at Kohl without their top scorer…boy, that is a hell of a statement as to where that program has gotten to. Even with Scottie Lindsey’s return up in the air in terms of an exact date, I think NU is in great shape now. […]

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