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Tag / Big East Basketball

Nova with one of the more dominant NCAA runs in history

Assuming this holds up, they’ll have won every game by double digits, with the closest (again, assuming this holds up) a 12 point Elite Eight win over Texas Tech and a Sweet Sixteen win over WVa by the same margin. Two blowouts in the Final Four. I’ve been very much on the “everyone sucks” bandwagon […]

Gavitt Games Announces Year 2 Matchups…And Once Again, No One Will Care

There are a couple of decent games, one interesting one and a lot of not much else. Nova travels to Purdue. That could be OK…kinda depends upon whether Swanigan and Vince Edwards come back to school for the Boilers. Wisconsin at Creighton could be alright. The Badgers are probably the Big Ten favorite if Nigel Hayes returns and […]

Pearl Washington Dies

He’d been ill for awhile…you may have noticed Syracuse wearing tributes to him late this season (the script “Pearl” on the warm ups was part of that effort). Because he had a disappointing NBA career, you really have to be of a certain age to understand why he was a big deal. He was THE […]

Oliver Purnell Resigns From DePaul

Had the job for five years after fleeing Clemson. He was unbelievably awful there, going 54-105 OVERALL…in conference play through two iterations of the Big East he was 15-75. Guys don’t usually get 5 years when they’re that bad. He just never made sense there. Not a Chicago guy, though he was coming off three […]