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Tag / Arizona Wildcats

Coaching carousel, per ESPN

It’s a Plus article so I won’t paste or link here, but some interesting discussion on a few jobs… – Arizona and LSU are interesting situations to watch, because both head coaches are expected to be subpoenaed to testify in April. If they do, what will come of that and what impact will it have […]

For anyone thinking MSU might have gotten in the muck re: Bowen

Per Adam Zagoria Interesting quote from Steve Haney, attorney for Christian Dawkins: ‘Michigan State was one of the only schools that was NOT GOING to pay Brian Bowen to go there’ Haney listed MSU, Arizona, Oregon, Texas and Creighton as his final 5 before he picked Louisville in June 2017. Now I’ll tell you that […]

Arizona Thoughts

Figured it was more or less a tossup and that’s the way it played out. Great play by Allen to win the game for them (Josh Langford slipped soon after the inbound…just a mild slip but it was enough to put him behind the entire way up the floor and it cost MSU. It happens). […]

Quick Arizona Thoughts

– It does appear that 6’10” beanpole center Chance Comanche will play in this game. That’s a boost for Arizona’s frontcourt in that he’s the only guy among that group of 4 players for the two post positions who is seen as any kind of rim protector. Sean Miller is a defense-first coach, much like […]