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One to watch…Tony Bennett and UVa

I’m not saying anything’s going to happen…he probably continues to coach there and in a perfect world, it’s a great situation for him. However, seeing the news that Craig Littlepage, who’s been the AD there for 16 years, is retiring, makes me wonder…and then add in whatever yet to be determined impact on the campus […]

Coach K 

College basketball had big news during a time when you don’t expect big news – the middle of August. Marvin Bagley committed to Duke as the consensus number one player in the country out of Los Angeles. He not only committed to Duke but he reclassified from the 2018 class to the 2017 class and […]

The Carolina Way

I’ve followed UNC since I was five years old. They were my favorite team when I was a child. Not a “fan” now, as there’s no emotional attachment but I enjoy watching them. Sometimes I root for them (Duke, UK), other times against (almost anyone else) but I watch (and enjoy watching) UNC more than […]

Bennett Ball 

Pack Line (the defensive approach Tony Bennett uses) gets a lot of talk and it’s been hugely effective for him and his team. Simply put, what the Pack Line does is “pack” defenders into help position off the ball, while the man guarding the ball is providing strong defensive pressure. I think it unfairly gets […]

Big Ten/ACC Challenge Thoughts

Leaving our game out of it, some quick thoughts on the event. MONDAY Minnesota at Florida State – The Gophers are 6-0 with a couple of OK wins (beat St. John’s by 6 and Arkansas by 14) but they haven’t played away from the Barn yet. FSU has a loss to Temple, which doesn’t look […]

Josh Pastner Says He Won’t Hire Assistants Who Golf Probably not the relevant question for him to ask in an interview, IMO. The first question should be “can you actually coach a team…you know, develop players, put together a coherent game plan, that sort of thing? Because, you know, I really can’t do that stuff and I could use the help.”

Wow…Jamie Dixon did it. Left Pitt for TCU

Goodman reports that new Pitt administration was “fine” with Dixon leaving. Seems as if there was fatigue on both sides. My first thought would be “careful what you wish for.” Unless Sean Miller has a war going on at Arizona that hasn’t been made public, I just can’t see his leaving for Pitt, even if […]

Big Ten Wins The Challenge 8-6 With Iowa’s OT Win

Tej goes 13-1, with the sole loss coming thanks to that ol’ rascal Bo Ryan…and I’m plenty fine with that, because it gives the Big Ten some credibility it sorely needed after a rough start. WINNERS Michigan State – A tough, hard earned victory against a good Louisville team which presented some particular difficulties for […]

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