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Category / Big Ten Basketball

IU/Wisconsin not exactly a sharply played game so far

Wisconsin is likely going to win it and win the league but man…every time I see them, what I end up thinking is if this league had more experienced teams, they might be 4th or 5th.  They’ll almost certainly get a nice seed…maybe even as high as a 2 if things break the right way. […]

Big Ten hot seat update

Two of the guys I thought were living in a warmed environment coming into the year met in C/U with Minnesota getting a relatively easy win. The Gophers are 4-6/16-7 and with 4 home games left, I’m betting they get to around 7 league wins before it’s over and probably end up an NIT worthy […]

Btw, the Northwestern Wildcats are now 7-2

And IU is 4-5.  I don’t know if there’s a magic number for NU to hit but it seems to me that they’re definitely on track for that first NCAA bid. Good for them. I find them to be an entertaining team to watch. Welsh Ryan isn’t getting overrun with opposition fans this season either. […]

Thad Matta And Point Guards

For most of his time in Columbus, he’s had good to great point guard play. Jamar Butler, Mike Conley, Evan Turner (essentially), Aaron Craft and Shannon Scott. When he hasn’t had that kind of guy, his teams have really struggled and that’s the situation he’s been in for the last two years. I can’t understand […]

The Clapping Man Might Finally Be On The Ropes

Long way to go this season of course…plenty of time to turn it around. However, two straight home court losses in the league and three overall don’t bode well. I don’t think you can overestimate the lack of goodwill despite some relatively decent success in recent years. A large part of that, maybe larger than […]

One Week Down In The Big Ten

And as was readily apparent in the non conference portion of the schedule, good luck sorting this thing out. Right now, only Wisconsin appears to be beyond the “tossup” stage in most games. Would have had Purdue in there as well but then they went and lost at home to Minnesota today in OT. Illinois […]

Quick Big Ten Thoughts From Today

– Northwestern is legit. Not that beating PSU on the road makes you a powerhouse, but the Cats should actually be unbeaten…they blew games against Butler and Notre Dame with late collapses but outplayed both of those teams. The biggest thing is that they’ve finally got a variety of offensive options. Lindsay’s growth as an […]