It’s a Plus article so I won’t paste or link here, but some interesting discussion on a few jobs…

– Arizona and LSU are interesting situations to watch, because both head coaches are expected to be subpoenaed to testify in April. If they do, what will come of that and what impact will it have on job security and/or the schools avoiding NCAA sanction? Neither school has motivation to fire Miller or Wade at this point…Miller is having a down year (not a big surprise) but has the #1 recruiting class coming in next season, and Wade has had a banner year in Baton Rouge, as the Tigers are set to win the SEC. So, both of those schools would really have to be almost forced to fire these guys…but it’s a big unknown as to how either resolves itself.

– Kansas. Apparently growing speculation that Self may indeed look to finally jump to the NBA. I’m not sure who’s looking to hire him and this is a drum certain writers at ESPN have been banging for awhile but I guess you can’t rule it out. It’s been a tough year for him in Lawrence and with a lot of FBI/NCAA suspicion still hanging around the program, it wouldn’t be a total shocker to see him leave. If he did, KU obviously becomes a massive opening. Would they go with Gregg Marshall, even in a down year at Wichita? Somebody else?

– UCLA of course remains open and would likely remain as the biggest opening unless Self were to leave KU. The story goes that Tony Bennett has been at the top of their wish list for months now, but I can’t see that happening (and most seem to concur with that assessment). The story claims that Fred Hoiberg has had contact with UCLA and “remains a candidate.” If he were to decide to return to college (a big “If,” according to a lot of people who claim he vastly prefers the NBA), UCLA could make some sense because recruiting to it isn’t the grind it can be at most places. Beyond that, a lot of names mentioned, not all of which strike me as likely or realistic…Rick Barnes (why would he make that kind of move now?), Mick Cronin, Mike Hopkins and even Matt Painter. Painter is an interesting one…remember that years ago he came this close to leaving for Missouri over money and perceived slights by the Purdue AD. I have the sense that some of that has been addressed but with him possibly winning his second Big Ten title in three years, it also wouldn’t be surprising to see him looking for some improvement in salary or otherwise.

Some Big Ten specifics…

– Feeling is that Tim Miles is definitely a goner in Lincoln, which makes sense. It was going to be a rebuilding year next season no matter what and with them once again failing to make the Tournament, it seems obvious that he’s going to go. Interesting mix of names being mentioned…Tyrone Lue as an alum is one coming up, but will he want to get back into the NBA (some thought that he might be the next Lakers coach if Luke Walton gets shown the door)? Hoiberg gets mentioned but I can’t see that…tougher gig than Iowa State was in some (not all) ways. Some mid major guys like Nate Oats mentioned but the interesting name is Dana Altman. Supposedly he’d be willing to listen…he’s from Nebraska and coached at Creighton forever. Seems unlikely that you’d leave Oregon for Nebraska but I don’t know…maybe Oregon isn’t willing to fight to keep him?

– I think the consensus is that Richard Pitino saved his job with that win over Purdue, because it means the Gophers are likely Tournament bound. It hasn’t been a smooth or easy path for him but this would make Tournament bids in 2 of the last 3 years, and that’s a (barely) acceptable rate in that job, I think.

– The really interesting one is in State College. Penn State’s late season run (they’ve won 6 of their last 9) seems to have people thinking Pat Chambers will be back for one more year. If he can get Stevens and Watkins to hang around, I could actually see that team pushing for a Tournament bid next year, so it’s not a horrible idea. It just seemed he was dead and buried a month ago, but credit to him for keeping that team together and not allowing the season to swirl down the drain.