Per Jeff Borzello

Brian Bowen Sr. testified today that he…

• Received $1,300 from then-Louisville assistant Kenny Johnson
• Received $8,000 from then-La Lumiere coach Shane Heirman
• Received $5,000 from Mean Streets director Tai Streets
• Received $1,500 from then-Mean Streets coach Tim Anderson

• Was asked if Oregon assistant Tony Stubblefield gave him $3,000 on an unofficial visit: “I don’t recall that.”
• Was asked if he was ever conveyed an offer from UCLA: “I don’t recall that.”
• Acknowledged monetary offers from OK State, Creighton

Just so the players are kept straight…

Kenny Johnson was formerly on Tom Crean’s staff at IU. Crean is not implicated in anything here and to my knowledge has always been viewed as being clean as a whistle.

Shane Heirman was La Lu’s head coach when Bowen, Jaren Jackson, Tyger Campbell, etc. won the Dick’s Sporting Goods mythical national championship. He is currently an assistant at DePaul…well, at least as of today, he is.

Tai Streets runs the Mean Streets AAU program, for which Bowen played his last year and for whom Romeo Weems played much (not all) of last season. He is a former University of Michigan WR. Again, no suggestion that Michigan has any involvement in this mess and to my knowledge, I don’t believe they’ve ever signed a Mean Streets kid (neither has MSU, I don’t think). Does he meet NCAA standards in being a Michigan “booster?” Believe it or not, he probably does. Should that create a problem for Michigan? Not in a sane world but, you know…

Tim Anderson is the world beating, bestest trainer in the world according to a few people who probably ought to know better. He is the former coach of Mean Streets and is currently an assistant at DePaul…again, as of today he is. He is also the man credited with reeling in Romeo Weems.