Per Adam Zagoria

Interesting quote from Steve Haney, attorney for Christian Dawkins: ‘Michigan State was one of the only schools that was NOT GOING to pay Brian Bowen to go there’ Haney listed MSU, Arizona, Oregon, Texas and Creighton as his final 5 before he picked Louisville in June 2017.

Now I’ll tell you that the worst way to analyze a court case is by relying upon tweets from sports reporters…but with that caveat out of the way, the sense I’m getting as to the essence of the defense’s case (in terms of Dawkins ) is this:

– Lots of Nike schools (Oregon, Arizona, etc…but NOT MSU) were willing to pay to get Bowen.

– He was set to go to Arizona…you know, because they were among those who were going to PAY.

– Louisville lost Donovan Mitchell to the draft and Rawle Alkins elected to return to Arizona. This opened the door for the Ville, an Adidas school. Bowen’s family made a “basketball” decision. I can see this argument re: why Ville and not Zona, based on the above. If everyone’s paying the same money, that’s the difference, right?

– The defendants acted in the best interest of Adidas, Adidas schools and the kid himself. Thus, no intent to defraud the Adidas schools. That is a fundamental element of the DOJ case and what they claim takes this beyond a simple NCAA violation and into the realm of being a federal crime.

I’ll also offer up this thought, one I know myself during and after the recruitment of Tugs…the idea of paying $100K for that kid is mind blowing to me. Good player, but not remotely worth that kind of action even if you are willing to break the rules and pay it, based on my understanding of the market. Anthony Davis reportedly went for $250K to Kentucky and he won them a title.

Tugs wasn’t winning anybody any national championships. Not even close.