1. Receivers – As good as advertised. How many tough catches did they make tonight. Tremendous concentration, hands and *strength*

2. Lewerke in the clutch – Certainly not his best game but I have the same feeling with him in tight situations I had with Cook…just feel like he’s going to make the plays you need to win the game if it’s close. Those two options, both the one that scored and the one that was called back, were run to perfection.

3. Bachie – The deflection AND the pick to seal it. Again, you just kind of come to expect it from that guy.

4. Kickoffs – Pretty nice, especially considering that we were hearing about some concerns on that front in the spring and fall.

5. Heyward – Not huge numbers but man, does he run tough and decisively. I think he looks to pretty clearly give MSU a really nice #2 option at TB.

6. Willekes – Really the only semi-consistent pressure MSU got all night was from him.

Lots and lots of things to work on and improve, no question. OLine really struggled but I need to see Chewins before I start to get really worried. Penalties were a disaster. Always tough to judge pass defense against a team that plays this style but it didn’t seem to me we were anywhere near where it needs to be.