The ESPN headline (and it is on the front page link) is nice, but the article takes shots by offering quotes from the ESPN OTL sources indicating that they were either not contacted by the NCAA for the investigation or that they complained to MSU and the NCAA and didn’t receive feedback.

It puts forth the NCAA conclusion and then offers quotes to discount the conclusion.

If we are being honest though, I think the NCAA hurdle, in terms of clearing an investigation, is much lower than the other investigations (OCR, DOE, MI AG, etc.) because it’s dealing with something very different…merely the violation or lack thereof of NCAA rules. That’s not was at work in the Nassar case which has now been settled…those are legal standards in play, and wrt the other investigations we’re talking about statutory issues, not NCAA regs.

I read the ESPN piece. It’s not surprising to me that they didn’t talk to the people they apparently opted to omit. As for Allswede…well, we know where she’s at, has been at, and will be at. So again, no surprise.

I’ll also add this…everyone’s least favorite BOT member responded to the question way, way back about the NCAA getting involved as laughable, and he was pilloried for it.

Looks like he had that just about right.