This time to Jovenut, a team playing in the highest rung of the Spanish professional league, 85-79.

Good experience for them. I expect M to be the consensus pick for #2 in the conference behind Michigan State.

Tough to draw many conclusions from what they did over there. They faced some good competition without Beilein. Didn’t play well offensively at all, which (to the probable surprise of many) was something of a rerun of last season…that was not a great offensive team. Yet, they were facing professionals. From what I can gather, the opposition they played was a tick below what MSU faced in Italy three years ago, when they played the national teams from Russia and Georgia along with a second tier Italian team.

If you’re looking for positives, the Canadian freshman forward was right at the top of their scoring chart. Matthews seemed to put up good numbers. Negatives would be that they got nothing from any of the other freshmen (and they’re going to need Johns at least, and probably more than just him, to step up next season in a big way) and Simpson didn’t show signs of any real improvement offensively.