01. Michigan continues to struggle in its Euro tour…loses to Serb team Mega Bemax 81-73. For reference, that same Mega Bemax team was beaten by Kentucky about 2 weeks ago by 36.

Interestingly, Brandon Johns apparently played sparingly and David DeJulius not at all.

This is all semi-interesting fodder for discussion right now but I am expecting M to once again get out of the gate slowly as John Beilein is going to have to blend in a lot of new faces and guys in new roles. Really, only Matthews and Simpson will be doing anything close to what they were asked to last year. I still expect them to be a Big Ten title contender but I won’t be surprised at all if their season looks something like the last two have, at least in terms of a slow start and improvement as the season progresses.

02. Big news…RPI is finally dead. Is that good or bad?

NCAA eliminates RPI, develops new metric for tournament selection

Whether this is good news or bad news (or “new boss, same as the old boss”) depends largely upon what systems the NCAA is using for all of those measurements. For example is “efficiency” going to be measured in the way that say Ken Pomeroy measures it? If so, I’d feel pretty good about that. I also like the idea of capping the impact of scoring margin at 10 points per game…means you gain nothing from scheduling weak sisters except for playing time for your deep reserves.

So, we’ll see how it all plays out but my guess is that on balance, this is a positive step.