Here’s the deal…for me, this isn’t really about Urban Meyer or Tom Izzo or Mark Dantonio or any other athletic figure in isolation. It’s about what we do as a society, because this goes WAAAAAYYYYYY beyond college athletics. Yeah, it’s up to the reader to decide what that individual thinks but that honestly couldn’t possibly mean less to me. What DOES matter is what standards we apply in terms of culpability, people losing their jobs, their reputations, their freedom. THAT matters. If the Smith case is indicative of anything, IMO it is that often in these circumstances things are murky, muddled, unclear and that there can be at least (and sometimes more than) 2 sides. That reality has been used as a justification of sorts for the types of enforcement we’ve seen from universities in Title IX cases in recent years. I think that’s a horrendously wrongheaded direction to go in myself, because what it in essence says is that we remove due process as a consideration in instances where it’s just too difficult to produce evidence. Sorry…can’t get with that, ever, no matter what. I have no idea whether Smith is an abuser or not. I have no idea whether his choosing to live aspects of his life on the sexual edge indicates much of anything beyond just that. That’s why we require evidence, REAL evidence, not supposition, innuendo and disconnected suggestion.

Then we turn to the ritualized seppuku that now seemingly must apply to anyone in a position of authority when something goes horribly wrong on their watch. It’s “buck stops here” gone amok in my view and btw, it solves NOTHING. Did Urban Meyer know about abuse? If so, I have no problem with his being canned. Beyond that? “Enabling?” I don’t know and I damn sure have no idea how anyone is supposed to apply and regulate a standard, which, sorry to tell you is what you NEED to do if we’re at least pretending to live in a society of laws.

We really, desperately need to mature as a society in regard to these matters. Right now, we’re failing miserably on all sides, on all counts.