Spoke to a guy in the Metroplex yesterday, says Izzo has gone full blast after Timme and MSU in great shape right now with him.

Just on the surface, Gonzaga, MSU and Purdue make a lot of sense for him. All have traditions of utilization of big men (programs and the current coaches). All have had big men who were asked and allowed to do a lot of different things on the court. All play at a high level and usually have great opportunities to win a lot of games.

There’s no doubt in my mind that he could play alongside Carey or Stewart (or TJD). This isn’t a four guys for one spot situation IMO. In fact, I’m now thinking MSU ideally wants two big men.

Everyone focuses on playing smaller to take advantage of the ability of a “stretch 4″ to shoot and in someinstances go off the dribble. If you can get a 6’10” kid who has that ability, as Timme does…man, that’s a big, big problem for opposing teams to deal with.

I’ll also make a quick prediction…whichever school gets him will have a fan favorite in terms of their ownfanbase and a guy who inspires a lot of ire on the road. I mean a LOT, because of the way he plays and his general attitude on the court. Hustle, motor, skill and a willingness to get vocal usually inspires those types of feelings both ways, depending upon whose jersey he’s wearing.