Carleton University has won 13 of the last 16 Canadian collegiate championships. They haven’t lost a game since 2015-16. It’s a dynasty that, in its own world, makes Wooden-era UCLA look like Pikers.

Well, you might say, big deal…it’s Canada. The level of college basketball up there certainly would leave something to be desired. Overall, that’s certainly a fair statement. However, this whole story (one I was unaware of previously) got my attention because of these scores over the past few days from American college teams playing them on a summer tour of Canada:

Carleton 113 South Dakota State 51 – SDSU has Mike Daum, a likely NBA draft pick next year and a truly elite PF. They have made the NCAA Tournament three straight seasons and five times since 2012.

Carleton 81 Ole Miss 63 – Ole Miss is operating under a new coach, Kermit Davis (you remember him, right? Middle Tennessee), so they’re going through a transition period. Still, an SEC team losing by 18 points?

Carleton 86 Cincinnati 67 – Cincy was 31-5 last year. Now, they did lose 3 starters from that team but expectations are still high for this coming season.

Lest you think that’s a one year fluke, Carleton beat Alabama, Providence and Vandy last year. They also beat WIsconsin during one of their Final Four seasons a few years back.

Their entire roster this year is comprised of Canadians, though some of them have transferred in after starting out at American schools (they have one guard who transferred in this year, for example, from UTEP after averaging almost 10 ppg last season).