There’s never a good excuse for OSU not being very good, and yet during my lifetime they’ve been maddeningly inconsistent. Matta gave them the best sustained run since Fred Taylor in the early 60s but then the bottom fell out over his last two years. Guys like Randy Ayers and Jim O’Brien and Eldon MIller had flashes in the pan but couldn’t sustain high level success for various reasons.

They’re the only Big Ten school in the state, something MSU, M, Purdue and IU don’t benefit from. That alone should make them a consistent contender but for different reasons over the years, it’s been spotty.

I think Holtmann will do a good job. He’s recruiting well and showed last year and at Butler that he can teach and get a team to buy into what he wants to do. “Elite?” That’s a tall order for anybody. Need to win multiple conference titles, make multiple Final Fours, etc. to get into that discussion. I’m high on him but I don’t think you can view that as a done deal.