Assuming this holds up, they’ll have won every game by double digits, with the closest (again, assuming this holds up) a 12 point Elite Eight win over Texas Tech and a Sweet Sixteen win over WVa by the same margin. Two blowouts in the Final Four.

I’ve been very much on the “everyone sucks” bandwagon but given how Nova has played over the last 3 weeks, it’s tough to say that about them. I think they got better defensively and that offense is something else of course, as it has been all season.

I think they got a little break with KU beating Duke, in that I would like to have seen Nova have to handle Duke’s size. I’ve thought all year that was their weakness, that a team with really good size (meaning not just the size but size that can play) would really test them, and I think Duke’s big kids would have done that. The thing is, I don’t think Duke could have beaten them because I have a feeling Nova would have carved that zone up like a Thanksgiving turkey.

The thing is, we really didn’t get to see them have to deal with quality size very much. The Big East had a number of solid teams but very little in the way of really good post players…nowhere near what say the Big Ten had.