This group has unusual balance between polished, ready to go players and “upside” guys who could develop into next-level players over time. When you have a five man group, you’ve got enough slots to have both of those elements present of course 😉

Loyer is obviously as polished a player as MSU has recruited in recent years. Doesn’t mean he lacks any continued upside, as I think more experience at the collegiate level and increased strength will make him even better, but he’s a guy I expect to be worthy of a serious rotation role immediately. He’s almost the walking definition of “ready to play.”

I put Kithier in that category as well. Again, he’s still got plenty of improving to do but Thomas is physically a little bit more “right now” than guys like Bingham or Brown, and his skill set is already good enough where you’re not going to need to wait on him to be able to impact games as a freshman.

Then you look at Bingham and Brown and it’s upside galore with both of them. Both are very skilled already in terms of their jumpers and I think each will continue to improve their handles as well, to grow into better off the dribble weapons. Both are plus athletes as well. The development part for each of them will come down mostly to physical strength, IMO. How quickly they can add the kind of muscle needed to play in the Big Ten will determine how large a role they see early on. I expect both to eventually be impact guys as their frames catch up with their skills and athletic ability.

To me, Henry sits between these two camps. He’s the only one I haven’t seen plenty of in the flesh, so I’m a little bit hesitant to go too far, but on video, he’s got the look of a guy who could handle Big Ten physicality right now. Looks to be a good athlete as well, probably closer to the Bingham/Brown area. Thing is, he also looks like he’s got a nice skill set with some range on the jumper and signs of an off the dribble game. I might be inclined to think he could see an earlier, larger role than B&B in this class…of course those two guys have a full year to continue to grow into their bodies as well, so things can always change quickly with young people. 

I really like this class. It’s groups like this one that win you championships IMO, especially in the modern era, because they’ll provide a baseline/foundation that can be topped with shorter term high impact guys along the way. If MSU puts together the kind of ’19 class I expect to go with these five guys, look out.

The other thing worth mentioning with this group is positional versatility. Even with Loyer…he’s such a good shooter that I could see him playing off the ball some in a two point alignment.

Henry looks to me to be a wing and perhaps even a mismatch 4 type in time. Kithier can play inside or on the wing. Bingham should be a 4/5 with some added strength, and Gabe Brown could even play some 4 as he gets stronger. Nice to have options.