I’m not saying anything’s going to happen…he probably continues to coach there and in a perfect world, it’s a great situation for him.
However, seeing the news that Craig Littlepage, who’s been the AD there for 16 years, is retiring, makes me wonder…and then add in whatever yet to be determined impact on the campus overall stemming from this summer’s protest/march/melee/murder activity and it’s just enough to get me wondering. Maybe the new AD works out great…maybe he even gets some input as to who it is. It seems as if it will be an outsider though, as the second in command is also retiring.

I’ve been a believer in his staying at UVa for a long, long time. Now, though, there’s just enough uncertainty that maybe it opens an opportunity. With IU, OSU and Illinois hiring new coaches this year, it’s tough to see a natural fit at the moment in the Big Ten, his home region (that’s assuming that places like MSU, Michigan and Wisconsin aren’t looking for new coaches anytime soon). So, I don’t know where he’d go, and again, probably it’s nowhere but for the first time since he got UVa back to a strong level of play, I’m thinking maybe circumstances will be such that he does look to move.