College basketball had big news during a time when you don’t expect big news – the middle of August. Marvin Bagley committed to Duke as the consensus number one player in the country out of Los Angeles. He not only committed to Duke but he reclassified from the 2018 class to the 2017 class and I guess somehow enrolls in Duke next week and is immediately eligible.

I guess my first statement is if college/AAU basketball is trying to clean up its image and frankly debunk that’s it the dirtiest thing going, they’re doing a horrible job and this is a reason why. How does a kid all of a sudden in August… I mean literally we are weeks away from having to buy a make shift fridge, whatever form of TV, and move into a dorm room in Durham… go from being a would be high school senior to playing on one of the two best teams in the country and getting into Duke? We’re not talking about getting into Iowa State. This is Duke. I’m not a big fan of this because it’s just mystifying how it’s happening. 

The other part that is becoming clear is Krzyzewski for a lot of years was held up as sort of the moral bastion of the sport and I just feel as his career starts to wane, and I think we’ve seen it in other older guys in similar phases, he’s getting into borderline/questionable tactics here. I don’t know the whole story on this kid but it’s just baffling to me how all of sudden you’re going to take a would be high school senior, throw him on your team and get him into one of the more prestigious universities in the country.

Mike Krzyzewski is a fraud and a ***k period. If you believe anything otherwise, you have had the wool pulled over your eyes. It becomes more apparent each year because either, he’s too old to control it anymore, or he just doesn’t care. It’s probably a little bit of both. But he’s a complete fraud. If you start to see how he treats people whether it’s the Oregon post game from two years ago or how he handles Grayson Allen or how he has fake back surgery, whatever it might be, he is really something else, and I think this kind of speaks to that. It’s funny because all you hear in high school is how early you have to apply to colleges, how early you have to take your tests, how you need to have all your application information ready. And yet evidently not if you’re 6’10″ and you can do whatever you want with the ball and just kind of roll out there in August. 

It does have a significant impact on the college basketball landscape. The betting odds in Vegas took a dramatic change because he or Michael Porter Jr. will be the number one pick in the 2018 Draft which is another reason for him to go because he’s draft eligible quicker, gets into the second contract quicker and all those pieces. I think Duke went from the third or fourth prohibitive favorite from 7-1 all the way to 3-1 so they are a clear cut favorite to win the NCAA Championship. Kentucky is second in that 8-1 range. Michigan State, Kansas, Arizona all in that 10-1/12-1 range. 

There’s just something about how someone gets high school credits in a three-year span while going to some different high schools and then gets shipped in the back door in August. There’s something that just doesn’t feel right about it. I guess I just applaud John Calipari for saying what he’s doing. And you can like or not like it, as being the face of the one and done, whereas this rat face fraud behind the scenes is doing that or worse but claiming to be holier than thou. I also think you see it with guys who are nearing the end of the tenure; they get older and just don’t care as much anymore so they don’t even try to dress it up. Bobby Knight, Jim Calhoun, Jim Boeheim, right? Just like I’m going to do whatever I want and too bad. I don’t know. It doesn’t wash well with me.