Says he believes Patrick Beilein and Chris Hunter (ex M player who is already on staff but not as an assistant coach) to be the most likely names. Offers the caveat that it’s tough to read what Beilein does in these situations in advance, but man…if those are the names, that’s not exactly awe-inspiring. Can’t say for sure, of course…maybe Beilein The Lesser and Hunter have the personalities to be bang up recruiters, continue M’s modest defensive improvements from last season, etc…but I’d be suspicious. 
Particularly in recruiting, I believe M to be a special case. Generally speaking, people make too much out of the impact of assistants. Yes, they’re important but in 99% of the major programs out there, it’s the head coach who is the closer and who’d better be your best recruiter…this isn’t football. M is an exception IMO, though, because Beilein just doesn’t seem to have the personality or love (or at least tolerance) for the process. So it’s not an accident that M recruiting ticked up when he had assistants who enjoyed it and/or were good at it. Now that would be in question again. I hear Saddi’s pretty good, so that helps, but Jeff Meyer was a real loss for them because of his relationships in Indiana and his personality. Can’t imagine Donlon had enough time to make a major impact for them yet but still…you really have to wonder.