1. I have never seen a better group of shooters that screen so willingly and so well. Klay and Steph, and to a lesser degree KD, set so many screens as part of their base offensive package. One of the best ways to get easy looks is for your best shooters to screen. Their defender is least likely to provide help, thus creating spacing and good looks. Perfect example in the 2nd quarter. Green brought the ball up the court, actually directed Steph to set a back screen (after Steph had just hit a 3) for Livingston. Steph did, no help came, Green passed to Livingston for a dunk. Watch that, it’s a beautiful thing to see and is a big part of their offense.

2. This Golden State team is such an aberration to the NBA game. The way the cut, screen, and move, just isn’t “NBA-like.” Green makes so much of it happen with his basketball IQ and ability to pass the ball.

3. What a half for LeBron. Making 3’s, trying to get others involved, getting to the rim…literally doing everything that he can do and it still hasn’t been enough.

4. Love that Adam Silver is looking further into the 1 and done. It doesn’t work and needs a fix. I think he’s a very smart and creative guy, with a bright future in that job. I think he’ll make a good change.

5. Iman Shumpert may have the world’s lowest basketball IQ.

6. For all the good and bad that comes with Kyrie Irving, his ability to finish at the rim, for his size, is legendary.

7. The coaching difference in this series is vast. Ty Lue coming out and saying his team needs to push the pace because that’s who they are is suicidal and incompetent. You have little chance in the series. That “little” went out the window when you decided to try to beat Golden State playing their style. No chance.

8. The #1 difference in this series is defense. One team is #1 in the NBA in FG% defense. The other is 18th. That’s the main reason and you can’t “fix” defense in June.