I’m skeptical on this for a few reasons.

First, while Silver seems to have the support of ownership in most things, I’m not sure that would be the case here. I believe the one and done rule was instituted at the behest of ownership. I suspect there’s less enthusiasm for rescinding it among those people than reading Silver on his own might suggest, and that means he’d have an uphill fight to get it changed. I’m not sure he’s that kind of presence, though I’m saying that only because I don’t know the answer yet.

Second, the current CBA runs through 22 or 23 IIRC. While I’m sure both sides could agree to amend beforehand, that’s not standard…so even if there were a sense to change it, it might be 6 years down the line before it happens.

The other thing to consider is that the NBA’s position (I’m talking about ownership) has been a desire to move the age to 20, not push it back to 18.

Just because Adam Silver thinks it might be the right move doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. Am I supposed to believe that ownership not only abandoned their oft stated desire to lengthen the period but now want to retract? I need to see more than one interview to buy that.