These would be my early general thoughts…

– You have 1 legitimate Final Four contender in Michigan State.

– You have 4 top 25 ish teams in Northwestern, Minnesota, Michigan and Purdue. I don’t think all 4 will likely be in the preseason top 25 on a consensus basis, but I personally think all 4 are deserving of slotting in somewhere between say 15-25.

– You have a group of several other teams in Maryland, Wisconsin, Iowa, and maybe Penn State who can realistically think about pushing for a NCAA bid. They all won’t get there, but that’s the group where I think such thoughts are viable.

– You have two programs starting over with new coaches in IU and Illinois. Both have enough talent to spring upsets but each have significant enough flaws that I think Tournament bids are probably unrealistic for next year.

– You have a program in meltdown at OSU. Again, some talent on hand in Tate and Bates-Diop, but a VERY thin roster and questionable perimeter group overall means they’re not a Tournament team either.

– A coach on the hot seat in Nebraska. Once again lost starters and key players to transfer. 

– A Rutgers program which is probably 4-5 years away from true competitiveness in a best case scenario, but at least they have a foundation laid by Pikiell and hopefully (for them) the start of something.