Mike Daum – South Dakota State 

He’s already gotten on the map for deep hoop fans. He averaged 25.1ppg and 8.1 rpg. 51/42% from the floor (and those 3% #s are legit as he averaged almost 6 attempts per game. 87% at the line while averaged 8.25 FTA/game. All in a 6’9″ 240lbs body. He will likely be eligible as a grad transfer next year and if he goes that route, that would possibly be the biggest recruiting battle we’ve seen yet in the grad transfer market, as he’s a legit All American level player (might be one this year anyway). I think it’s also possible that he’s an NBA draft pick next spring, so who knows what path he might opt to take, but he’s a name clearly worth paying attention to about 10 months from now.