and in fact, they do appear relatively minor but with one possible MSU related exception.

The changes are:

— On a foul or other violation that occurs in the frontcourt inside the final 20 seconds of a shot-clock cycle, the reset will be to 20 seconds rather than 30. This is similar to a FIBA rule that assumes since there aren’t 10 seconds required to advance the ball, the offense shouldn’t need a full 30 seconds to pursue a shot. If the violation occurs before the 20-second mark, there will be no reset.

My Thought: Good idea. Easy way to increase possessions some without tampering with the integrity of the game too much.

— The coaches’ box will grow by 10 feet, making it easier for coaches to communicate with players at the opposite end of the court (and more difficult for officials to call them for technical fouls for being out of the box).

My Thought: VERY good idea. I’ll admit that some of the antics we see with coaches near the center circle are ridiculous but there’s been a bit too much zealotry at times from officials on this thing. I suspect the stripes will not like this but that’s just too bad.

— Allowing use of replay monitors in the final two minutes of regulation or of overtime to determine whether a secondary defender attempting to draw a charge has his feet inside or outside of the restricted area (the no-charge zone).

My Thought: Very good idea. That’s a call I want to see them get right, even if it takes an extra couple of minutes. Anything to avoid rewarding flops and bulls*** “charges.”

— Requiring offensive players who are screening have the inside of their feet set no wider than their shoulders.

My Thought: This is the one to keep an eye on as an MSU fan. I like the fact that there’s at least a standard set, which I’m not certain there was previously. OTOH, we know MSU tends to work at the margins of pick setting, so we may see an uptick (hard as that would be to believe) on offensive foul calls against the Spartans until they adjust. In theory, I’m not bothered by this but I need to see how it’s called in practice.

The big opportunity that they punted on was not moving to the quarter system. I’ve found myself getting persuaded that if we’re not going to see a backing off on freedom of movement and the endless foul calls that result from it (and I don’t think we are), then at least resetting the penalty after each 10 minutes of play would be helpful in improving the flow of play generally. So an opportunity missed there, IMO.