For those who are either too young or too old 😉to remember, Williams was a major part of Rick Telander’s classic book on 70s basketball “Heaven Is A Playground,” which is still one of the best books on the sport I’ve ever read. It focuses on NYC playground basketball culture during that time and was really the first book of its kind…still resonates today, even if it’s tough to imagine a HS All American like Albert King having a personal theme song as relaxed as “Rock The Boat” in today’s world. Fly Williams was one of a long line of NYC playground legends who just couldn’t get out of his own way. Played two years at Austin Peay in Tennessee (where Leonard Hamilton, now the head coach at FSU, recruited him as an assistant), where he averaged better than 28 ppg and led them to the Tournament in both seasons. He played one year in the ABA and then never got into the NBA post-merger.

I highly recommend that book. There are a ton of great stories in it, but the Fly stuff steals the show. Too bad he went down this road but if you know anything about him, this whole thing really isn’t that shocking.