I’ve followed UNC since I was five years old. They were my favorite team when I was a child. Not a “fan” now, as there’s no emotional attachment but I enjoy watching them. Sometimes I root for them (Duke, UK), other times against (almost anyone else) but I watch (and enjoy watching) UNC more than any other team (except IU in the past). 

They only concern themselves with their system and making the opponent stop it. Its worked since 1952. Think about that. A player from the 52 squad ran some of the same practice skills and a player from 52 could talk about schemes with a player from 17. Sure there’s changes but fundamentally it’s still the same system. Regardless of all their failings in integrity, that’s that’s an amazing amount of tradition. 

I only care from a tradition and historical perspective. I think it’s special. When anyone speaks tradition in college basketball Carolina leads UK, Kansas and Indiana because of it.

And it apparently still works.

Yes, from 1952 to today. Bigs who can run and pass. PG’s who are pass first. Secondary break, back cut overplays, side line traps and Carolina motion (which differed from Indiana motion because it was more a 1 4 and required a PG to run the show but was pass oriented as well). No gimmicks!

And, what’s not well known, McGuire and Smith came up with this method by applying mathematics to basketball. Smith was probably the first major coach to use what we now know as analytics.